I do content/moderation on a couple of branded Facebook pages and it can be a nerve-racking experience at the best of times. These are the things I think are in urgent need of attention (some can actually be handled by Conversocial and Hootsuite, but I’d personally far rather handle them within Facebook itself). Let me know what you’d like to change.

1. Back end for admins, including log in

If you’re an admin and you’re on brand x’s page, then you are brand x whenever you post, comment etc on that page. As soon as you visit any other page you become yourself again. This is terrifying. For example, you can be in the middle of creating a photo album on the brand x page and it will ask you if you want to ‘post to profile’. This doesn’t mean the brand’s profile, it means yours. Please, Facebook, give brand admins a log in – you’ll prevent a number of heart attacks.

2. Search

This is part of the ‘back end for admins’ request. I want search and filtering of both brand and user comments, by name, key word and date please.

3. Status update formatting

There is so much wrong with how brands post to pages I don’t even know where to start. The rules that make posting status updates, photos and links easy for normal users are too constricting for brands. I think Facebook should just chuck the present system and invent a new one for pages. Brands need the ability to format updates whichever way they want. That could mean knowing a bit of basic FBML, or using templates. I don’t really mind, just make it easy to post complicated, media-rich content easily and flexibly.

4. Control over who to send updates to

When you have built up a large community on a Facebook page you sometimes want to talk to only that community. I’d like the ability for admins to post stuff to the wall without it appearing as a status announcement that then spams everyone single fan’s timeline. And it would be great to have some kind of further ‘opt in’ level – eg ‘click here if you want x news from brand x’ – so only engaged and willing fans receive certain kinds of update.

5. Widgets

An idea borrowed from WordPress and other platforms. Facebook, can you please give admins the ability to pick some widgets like polls, forms, lists, links etc and place them across Facebook pages? Then we won’t have to rely on the designers/developers to do it for us.

6. Basic, easy-to-use design templates

Some people do offer basic FBML templates but they’re quite difficult to fully customise. I’d like something similar to the HTML email newsletter templates provided by Mailchimp – ie very simple for novices and able to pull images and design from a brand’s main website.